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Last name: Christian
Age: 32
Location details: kiev in Ukraine
Postal address: do not have
Phone number: 380951854182
E-mail address:


She is crook and scammer, like most of the others she pretends that she is in love with you then she wants to fly to USA to see you and she says she does not have enogh money and wanted me to send her $1500.<br />
<br />
she sent me a copy of her first page of her passport but a friend of mine at passport control said it is fake. friends be aware!! feel free to contact me for additional information!

A person using the identity of Alina Christian and photos cheated me ? I was confident because she sent me a copy of his American passport e I thought it was serious with 3 tickets which had failed to take travelers checks money for the hospitalization of his mother until I asked him to send me a recent photo with a rose for me to prove that it was her .
She has never been able to send this photo pretext she had no camera etc. .


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