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Last name: Mango
Age: 31
Location details: Ukraine
Postal address: Gorskoe
Phone number:
E-mail address:,


good morning my dear!

i am so sorry that i couldn't reply to you before(((i am very
sad,didn't want to tell you but i can't keep it in my self. i trust
you and want you to know that when i come back home from my work,in
bus i lost my money that i get as my salary and i don't know what to
do,someone take out from my bag my wallet and i haven't money that i
earn for month,i need them to pay for the flat i rent,to buy some
food..I'm in shock and hope that i can rely on you. Agostino,maybe it
is in your forces to help me with some money ,maybe 50 or 100$,I'll be
very thankful!!i need to live somehow till my next salary((sorry to
ask you for help but you are the only one man,whom i trust and i hope
for your understanding,of course if you haven't opportunity,I'll
understand you my dear! you see that my financial situation isn't
good. i have computer at home but it's broken and now i have no
possibility to buy new one. i feel so lonely((need someone whom i can
trust and give all my love,i want to raise in love with you my
Agostino,hope nothing will be on our way.

warmly your Ira.


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