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Last name: NOSOVA
Age: 33
Location details: LUTUGINO
Postal address: MINERS 121 APT. 20 KEMEROVO, RUSSIA 650002
Phone number: 3842 7-904-907-0103
ICQ: 201972



To: xxx
Sent: xx/xx/2013 5:18:10 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Hello my dear xxx

How I understand that that you do not want to help me with division of expenses of stay in your country? I think that not correctly.
I should arrive for the money? Well as I told that that at me not to suffice money for tickets and I cannot is borrowed there is nobody money.
If you you are not ready to help with money for tickets, ours a meeting not probably. I cannot arrive your country.

Thanks for the letter. I have read your letter now. Thanks that you answer my questions.
I will necessarily remember the information which you speak me. Our meeting important event for us with you. I try to be very attentive now.
Now I on work and I phone always at me as to me can will call at any time and to invite to Moscow for visa registration.
Well today to me have not called I think that soon they will call to me.
As I told that that mine mobile operates only in Russia, well I have learnt about that that it is possible to call through telegraph.
I have visited telegraph as I want to hear yours a voice I have learnt that that minute of conversation costs 10 dollars.
I think that it expensively for a minute of conversation. When we will meet you we can speak with you looking against each other,
powers for hands infinitely while we will not be tired:)
I think in fast time I will try to call to you. Well while I cannot. Please understand as expensively to call.
XXX, I want to ask a code of phone of your country, a city code, and phone number, mobile and house.
I see your letter, thanks for the letter, thanks for your words of love and support. It is very pleasant to me to read it.
Today at me very good mood. I am very glad that soon we will meet. I am grateful to the Internet for our acquaintance.
And I am grateful to god that I have found you. In your letters I feel especial warmth.
Your letters heat to me a soul and fill my heart with happiness. Thoughts on you do my day better.
To me very pleasantly that you will help me with tickets. It means that you really have feelings to me and you have intentions to meet me.
XXX, I want to ask you an important question when I will arrive to you to your country, I will live at you or I need to rent apartment?
XXX, unfortunately, you cannot buy tickets for me. Otherwise at the consul of the officer there will be questions.
I should buy original tickets independently in Russia and to show it in embassy, to co-ordinate with my visa.
As I will travel to you on the visa of the tourist.
I think what not to make problems of transfer of money for tickets that then when me will cause in embassy for interview,
I had money and could buy tickets. I want to take correct all things. I will learn as you can send me money.
I do not know, how I can receive your help.
XXX, I with impatience wait day of our meeting. It will be especial day for us. We never will forget it.
I want to hold your hand when we will leave the airport. I want is proud to go with you. You my man and I very much am proud that I your woman.
XXX, I miss you! We with you a meeting will be fine. XXX, you will have with itself a camera in day of our meeting?
I very much want, that instants of ours with you we have carried by meetings through the whole life.
I very much miss you. I constantly think of you. You always in my head and you always in my heart. I will wait your letter.
I send you my hot and passionate kisses. I hope, very soon we will kiss in a reality. Only yours, Olga


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