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Last name: undeclared
Age: 30
Location details: Alchevsk and Schastie in Lugansk, Ukraina
Postal address: undeclared
Phone number:
E-mail address: ; tanika.kracavica@rock
Webpage: 166476 New-dating


They asked money for translations<
Dear Sir!
Welcome to "InterTranslations" bureau!
The reason for contacting you is that one of our clients Miss Nastia asked us to write you. We translated your correspondence with Nastia and we hope that you were satisfied with our services. Miss Nastia paid for our services herself but she can not do this now due to the difficult financial situation. If you are interested to continue your correspondence with Nastia,then we will send
you our prices and conditions. We determine competitive prices and flexible payment system,useful for our clients.

"InterTranslations" bureau helps you in doing business and personal affairs in Ukraine by delivering high-quality business translation and interpreting (both simultaneous and consecutive) services. Our clients include regional branches and representative offices of such companies and
organizations in Ukraine. Our aim,right from day one,has been to offer our customers a guarantee of cost,quality and quick delivery. This, as well as our total respect for the confidentiality of customers' documents,has allowed us to
quickly win the trust of customers from all over the world.

Yours sincerely,
Svetlana Rezina


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