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Last name: Shabalina
Age: 25
Location details: Russia: Cheboksary,
Postal address: Russia: Cheboksary,
Phone number:
E-mail address:;; natulec


This group of photos is used by different people, accordingly different names and locations.

Report #1

this is the last mail received from her asking me to help her with 2,250.00 euros.:

I am very glad to receive your letter. It is very interesting to me to read your letters, your stories. EDUARDO, I could arrive to you, stay for a while, look as you live, and the most important to learn you as it is possible better. I want to learn better the person with whom I can cast in the lot. We could have together walks, picnics. I could help you on a facilities{an economy}
in the house. And we could have an opportunity to estimate, learn{estimate, find out} as we approach each other. In fast I will have rest though I could take it now and if you not against, I could join you. But there is one problem To arrive to you, to Acapulco, I need to issue the Visa, the passport for travel abroad, the medical information and to buy tickets. It costs many money, approximately 2250 euros. My salary 110 $ in a month, at me is not present such big money. You can help me? If you will help me that I shall quickly come to you. For ever yours NATASHA. How you look at it?


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