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Last name: don't know
Age: 29
Location details: Kazan, Russia
Postal address: Kazan, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


This is only the second letter I received from this woman and the first one was just to give me her email address.

Hello ,

Thanks for your letter. How your day today was? I hope that you had fine day. Today I had good day. I the lonely woman because I do not like Russian men and I want the man from your country. I shall be happy if you will be this person for me. I have no brothers and
sisters. If you want our meeting I shall be happy to meet you and to develop niches of the relation. Probably we are created to be together. I would like to meet you and to develop our relations. It would be pleasant for me to learn you to Russian. It not easy
language, but also not difficult. You would like that I arrived to you? If yes, I should know, whether I can hope for your material support? I am in Moscow and each day lead here, takes many money. I have no many money, and I can not remain here for a long time. The visa is given for 90 days, and it would be fine if all this time we could be together. If we shall decide to meet, where I shall remain and how many days you would like to be with me? Also I should know your full home address and the airport to which I shall fly. I think
what difficultly to understand each other through the Internet but if we shall set more questions we can get acquainted closer. I think that you agree with me. I shall set still some questions. Write that you
like in the woman? Whether it is valid you are ready to marry the correct person? How many you would like to have children? How passes your day? I do not know what is the time you have to write to me the letter, but I hope that you will find time to write to me. I simply
want to learn you closer. Please send more about you and if it is possible your photos. I send you my photos. I shall wait for your fast reply.



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