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Last name: unknown
Age: 27
Location details: Nizhniy Novgorod, Cheboksary, Russia
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:;; ledyshar@yande


Dear Team,
I send you details of two of your Ladies, who I beleive to be scammers. The first is not complicated but the second is more interesting.

letter: from Inna (alias Tatyana) ID- 31387.

'Her first letter to me from your site'

Hello from Ruusia!
At first I want to say you that when I saw your profile I liked you. And I want to get aqcuainted with you. May be you are the man whom Iím looking for so long time.
I hope that you are not affraid that I am from Russia. I really hope for it.
I live in Russia. Iím 27 y.o. My name is Inna. It is my full name it is not my short name. I am looking only for a serious relations. I really donít want play games with feelings and love. I think that It is very silly to play in such games. Also I donít want to spend my time for playing games threw the Internet.Please, donít worry about that we live too far away. If we will like each other very much and if we will feel to each other the same feelings we can meet. We can meet in my country or in your country. There is no such big problems. Only we must want it both. Not only me or only you want it. Am I right? I hope I am.I have heared about bad Russian women, but not all women so bad. Iím sure in it. You mustnít think so.If youíll comunicate with me youíll be sure that I am real and I really want a serious relations.If you want to comunicate with me, if my first letter to you liked you
I will wait your answer with great impatience and very much!

This is 'HER' other letter sent to me, from 'Gimeney Agency'. Her name is different but the photo is the same. I have received the same letter from thre other 'WOMEN' ?
Clearly it is the same person using various ID's, opperating this scam.

Thu, 2 Jun 2005 23:59:43 UT
"Tatiana /14215/" <>

This e-mail was sent to you by woman from the Gimeney dating Agency
Here is the the page of the women:

This letter is in WINDOWS-1251 encoding. And it may be in Russian. We don't know.
Hello!!! How are you? I have seen yours announcements on a site and I want to get acquainted with you. My name Tatyana, me of 27 years. I from Russia. From city Nizhni Novgorod. I the cheerful, amusing, interesting, active, socia ble woman with many interests in a life. I have higher education by a trade the economist. The last a floor of year I worked as the manager in one of the best firms in our city. I search for serious relations which conduct to a marriage. I want to create my own family with correct the man. I very much love children and I want to give birth for the future husband so much to children how many he wants:) I want to tell to you about my misfortune. Three months ago I have got acquainted through the Internet with the man from your country. Him called Kenny. We long time corresponded with him. He called to me, we made with him grandiose plans for the future. We had strong relations and wanted to meet to develop our relations face to face and to look, that occurs further. He has told that I did all necessary documents to fly to him. We agreed, that when I shall make documents he will help with purchase of tickets. I have made all for our meeting. I went from my city in Moscow to receive documents and to fly from there. Before my trip, he informed, that has ordered to me the ticket aboard the plane which I can receive at the airport when I shall come in Moscow. I was very glad, that we soon shall together. We corresponded long
time and I was very happy, that later so long time we can meet. But on arrival in Moscow I have been
strongly disappointed. Appeared that any ticket for my name it is not ordered. First I have
thought, that it is any mistake and have contacted Kenny, but he has written to me back unpleasant news. He informed me, that was frivolous with our relations. He informed, that has the wife, children and in general that all this time was frivolous with me. He searched only for entertainment in the internet. His words have very much offended me. I have spent many money for
trip to Moscow and official registration of papers, but most of all it is a pity to me that there are such bad men which enjoy that hearts to other people break. I never was so I am severely deceived also is very much afflicted by rudeness of it of the man. Now I am far from a house in Moscow. I have received all necessary documents for flight in your country and now I do not know, that to me to do. I regret, that have not listened to mum who asserted that is impossible to trust the person whom I never saw. But I asserted the opposite and now I regret, that then have not listened to it. That I write that to you now will seem silly and probably will cause in you laughter, but I have decided to be late here to try to get acquainted with other person! Why also is not present? I have the complete set of documents! Probably we have identical plans in the future! The Internet pulls together, people, but does not force to fall in love. Correspondence in the Internet only a few to ! learn about each other and to exchange some photos. Then after a while people decide to try to develop relations face to face whether or not. Correspondence to understand each other. To
understand plans, aspirations, the purposes and dreams! But it is impossible to tell the most important! If people which correspond have the identical purposes and plans for the future in my opinion for acceptance of any serious decision it is necessary to check up compatibility of these people! I do not know that you really search in a life that you want to reach, that your plans and the purposes for the future what you the person and in general I do not know much about you, but I have decided to try with you because I the woman which do not panic. I have thought that if I and you we have the identical purposes during lives and plans for the future it will be possible to us well together and we shall do a happy pair! I write to you in hope that you also search serious relations and we will have attempt to learn each other closer. I search simple for the man which appreciates and respects women. I ask also I not much would be happy if at me and you there
will be a chance to develop the relation. I want to tell, that in Moscow I can remain 6 more days,
on the greater I will not have not enough money, and I do not know, how I shall look in the face
mum if she learns, that I have been deceived. If you are interested to learn me closer we should
not lose time and start to learn each other from this day! The life is short and it is necessary to
have time to do all necessary attempts to be happy! If we have overall aims in a life and we shall decide to meet, I can fly to you within the next few days. It would be fine if you answer me and we could start to learn each other closer. Write to me back with all questions which interest you. I want to tell, that we should be fair with each other! Also to ask each other any questions. Only honesty and direct questions! Only so we can understand each other and we should not spend a lot of time for correspondence. I search only fair for the man and I shall be happy if this the man you.
Write to me back on email: and I shall give you more information on, I shall send some photos of me and I shall answer any your questions. Even if you are not interested to learn me let to me know.

Best regards,

Thank you for your excellent Dating Site,
your service is very much appreciated.
Yours Sincerely,


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