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Last name: Kazalouskaya
Age: 26
Location details: Belarus, Minsk
Postal address: 220030 Minsk, str. Varvasheni, 4-110.
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I started up a correspondence with Marina in april 2004 to determine if she would be suitable candidate to develop serious relationship. She shared some information about herself and I was able to talk to her a few times by phone. She said she worked for a travel agency but would never give me the name. It seemed she traveled a lot as she only wrote once or twice in a week's time.
Everything seemed OK, but I have always been cautious. she sent me only a few photo's and never really opened herself up. I got the feeling she wasn't all that she made out to be so I begin to try get as much info on her as possible. She decided in May that she would travel (at her expense) to visit me. As it turned out, she did end up asking me for funds to help her get a hotel. I think she uses the typica visa scam, even though she is pretty good at hiding it. I wanted to catch her in her lies, so I did send some money to her to see what would happen. As it turned out, she never could get the visa, offered to return the money, wrote a few times and then of course, just disappeared without a word.
I have the feeling all her travels are from meeting other men to take advantage of them or taking luxurious vacations from money she steals from men off the internet. I will be posting my own web alert webpage to expose her. This woman needs to be stopped, and if at all possible prosecuted. She is a thief and probably a whore.
she is not interested in meeting anyone, just taking advantage of their generosity. She is a good liar and perhaps a bit more experienced than most scammers.
Passport number given is ?? 1252029.
Name as given Maryna Mihailovna Kazlouskaya
The post address - 220030 Minsk, str. Varvasheni, 4-110.
She utilizes a mobile number which changes every few weeks.


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