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Last name: Kantseva
Age: 30
Location details: Ukraine,Kharkov
Postal address: Ukraine, Kharkov, s. Verbivka, street Lenina 3, s. Verbivka
Phone number: +380502866988
E-mail address:


I contacted this lady through the site and we started corresponding with each other.She started sending quite seductive photos and soon she was already nude in the photos.
We talked about our meeting in our letters and she suggested that we would travel somewhere together.I asked her where she would like to go and at first it didn't matter for her where to go as long as we'd be together but then she wanted to go to Italy and she told me that she needs 1200$ for this trip and she asked me to send it to her through Western Union.
Then in the next letter she already needed 1300$ for this trip as well as 600-700$ for some clothes and lingerie for the trip.So,she was asking me for a high amount of money,more than 2000$.It is obvious that this is a scam and she sends you some sexy photos and believes that you'll send her some money!A very stupid scammer too!She didn't enclose a copy of her pasport and there's no apartment number in her address,so it's probably all a scam and there's probably no address like that at all!Maybe the photos too belong to a model or so?And in one letter she already called me "my love"!You don't fall in love through Internet and ask for more than 2000$ if you're not a scammer!
I did't send her any money and I won't!

Letters from Natalia:

Letter 1.

hello dearest XXX! thank you for such a lovely letter to me!
at first to answer your questions. i have nevcer been to CA.
i am a teacher of russian language. i work at school. teach children
i would love to see your pictures, i am interested in you.
i'm sending you my picture, i hope you will like it. now i have to go. i wish you to have a sweet day! Your Natalia.

Letter 2.

Hello my dearest XXX! how are you these days? are you busy at work ?
I do hope one sunny day i will visit your country, and you will visit myt beautiful country!! what are your plans for the summer?
i am sending you my picture. Kiss. your Natalia .

Letter 3.

Hello dear XXX! it is a nice to read your letter once again. I do hope it is the begginning of a special story.

To tell more about my family, i have live with my family for a long time. Of course we love each other. But time passes and now i want to creat my
own famiyl, i want to have my lovely husband, children. I want to be happy when i come back home after a long working day.
I like sport. I enjoy going to gym some times a week, when i have free time. I prefer step-aerobic, which gives me a big possitive energy! I also
like going to swimming-pool.
Tell me please what countries have you been to in your life? i have not seen much, but i know that everything is waiting for me, and maybe for
us:)) Of course, i will be happy if you come to see my country!! what do you think ?
I will be waiting fo ryou reply! Your Natalia .

Letter 4.

hi my sunny XXX form CA!!! how are you? all i do is thinking of you! please forgive me for my silence. I do hope you are ok and was waiting for my
reply!! dear, how is your job? ar eyou busy? what about the summer vacantion? maybe we will be able to meet somewhere? what do you think?
i would like to hear from you!! Your sweet Natalia. kissss

Letter 5.

Hello my dear XXX!!
nice to hear from you! You promosed me to send some picutres of you, did you take them? I would love to see them very muuuuuch!!:)) It is nice to
hear that you like mine as well. My dear now i am happy to hear that you want to see me!! I am just waiting till we can organize our meeting, because
i like you so much!
To say the true for me the place doesn't metter, i just want to be with you. But what do you think abotu Italy? I have never been there and i think
it is a romantic place. do you agree with me?
My dear i kisss you for now! and hoep you will have a wonderful thoughts of me!! Your sweet Natalia.

Letter 6.

Hello dear XXX! how are you today? are you enjoying the weekend my honey? :)
My dear i show you my body, but you don't show me yours? i also would like to see your picture.
John, what do you think about Venice? I think it will be the best place for us to meet!? what do you think? That's will be fine if you come to
Ukraine soon, and then we both fly to Venice. I got to know that the preparation of my docuemts will take about 14 days. So maybe i can start to
prepare my documents now and by the time you are here they will be ready and we can fly. do you like it?:) I am interested in you very much and like
you really! So i can buy the weekend package to Italy, which includes visa, tickets ( both ways), hotel, and excursions, and insuarance. The agency is
very serious and sure. I think it will be very good way to do. such trip costs 1200$
Answer me soon please what you think about it. I kisss you veyr strong and misss you a lot! Yoru sweet Natalia is waiting for you!!!

Letter 7.

Hello my dear XXX!! so lovely to get the beautiful letter from you!
My sweet baby, i am so glad that you like my body, and of course i will show it completely as soon as we meet, i think it will be much better that the
picutres. don't you agree?:)
Yes my darling, the idea to visit veinice and rome makes me so happy , !! I want to spend my days with you! I like you very very much! Of course that's
will be fine if you come here, take me and htne we together fly to venice. Dear you see i need about 10-14 days to get my documents redy. so maybe i can
start to prepare it now, and then when you arrive everything will be ready and we can just fly to Venice. what do you think? John, i have reserved the
package at the agency, as now there are a lot of people who want to go abroad for vacantion. My dear please write me soon and let me know. should i start
to prepare the documents now? if yes, i have to pay them for this thing. I kisss you many times and want to be with you a lot! Your sweet Natalia.

Letter 8.

ciao mio caro amore XXX! my honey i am so happy woman because i have such a nice man near!!! i am more than sure that we will have WONDERFUL time
together in Itlay. and you know i also can speak italian:)
My dear i have to start my preparation. as you know it will take me some time to do. Of course i apprecaite your help so much! I understand that you
are a very nice and lovely man! I will be your woman! So dear the whole trip which includes visa, tickets, hotel with food, insurance, and
excursions costs 1300$. For such trip it si a good price, as now it is also a season for vacantion. My daer if you can help me with this money, it
will be very good as i can't afford such trip for myself. My dear John, also i am a little shy to sya you it, but to say the true i don't have nice
clothes for this trip. I want to be the best and the most beautiful woman for you. I would like to buy some really nice clothes, is that fine?
My dear i give you my passport details, if it will be very good if you can do it today by western union so as soon as you do it, i can immediately
go to the agency and start the preparation.
Ukraine, Kharkov,
s. Verbivka,
street Lenina 3
Kantseva Natalia

I kiss you many many times and just want to be with you as soon as it is possibile!! Your sweet Natalia.!!! my honey right for now i don't have
fresh pictures, but when we meet we will make as much as you wish, ok?:)) kiss you strong!

Letter 9.

oh my sweet boy your fantasies are so hot! i am going crazy thinking of our sexy time! yes, i will swallow and i want it everywhere on my body!
my honey my number is 0038-050-286-69-88. oh i so much want to hear your hot and lovely voice! I want you so much now! Yes my dera we have to hurry
because i must start the preparation of the documents. sweety, i swear you right now i dont' have completely nude picutres of my body and pussy.
please just wait for a couple of days when we meet and you will be able to see everything! Believe me i have the sweetiest pussy and you will enjoy
it! I kisss you for now! Waiting for your calling and for the news!!! Your hot and sweet girl!!


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