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Natalia Pogrebnyak
First name:

Natalia Pogrebnyak

Last name: Pogrebnyak
Age: 20
Location details: Ukraine,Nikolaev
Postal address: Prospect Oktyabrskiy 45,apt. 69, Nikolaev 54018 ,Ukraine
Phone number: +380512558732
E-mail address:


I met Natalia Pogrebnyak through agency removed her as a scammer from their system and so did all the other agencies as well.I went to Kiev to meet this lady I had been corresponding with.She always sounded sincere and loving and we had many wonderful phone calls as well.But in Kiev everything changed and I could tell that this lady was only interested in my money,gifts and just all material things.One day she had accidentally lost her wallet in a metro which she showed to me the day before that.There was this picture of her and her mother.She was devastated and told me that something like this happens to her all the time and that she lost her money last year.
Then the next day I found this letter in my apartment I had rented during my Ukraine trip:

"Hello,dear Kim,I came to your flat at three hour o'clock afternoon,but you don't be there.I'm sorry,that I don't call to you today.I can leave my study early,so I come.I waiting for you to 16.30-to four and thirty minutes,but you don't come.I can't wait so many time,because I must do my presidures(injections).I call to you today and I'll try to come,because I need you help.I'm very ashamed about it.You'll see,one week ago I give to one woman money,because she very need it.And I told when I need a money,you must give it back to me,because from this money I must pay for my hotel and I must live one month.So,yesterday,in the evening,I try to find this woman,because I need a money,but she go to another sity,and I understand that she don't give back to me money.My mother don't know about it.Kim,if you can,of course,could you help me and give me money for some period,after one month I'll give it for you back.I'm very sorry,that I ask it about this:I'm sorry,I can't waiting.I'll go and try to come today,tomorrow I come at 14.30.Waiting me,please.Thank you very much!A kiss for you.Natali."

The letter was a huge dissapointment to me I think but I decided to trust her and I asked her some details about this.She stated that she needs 700 Ukrainian hrivnias which is about $ 130.00 to pay for her University and hotel for students.I also asked her about this lady she had given her the money and according to her she had went to Kharkov.Natalia Pogrebnyak told me also that this lady was sick and that's why she needed the money and that she had to help her.She promised to send me the money to me via Western Union and she wrote down my full name and my passport number.She talked very much about the money as if she was nervous that I wouldn't give it to her.Well,I finally gave her the money but I've never received it back from her despite her promises.Time went and went and finally I wrote to her about it and she never replied.Then I called to her home since I knew that she's going to be there at that time and she was very upset,angry,hateful and nervous.She sadi that I've hurt her and that everything was my fault and that there is no more future for our relationship.So,it was all about money and scamming.

Luckily,it was not so much money.I just hope that she won't be able to screw anyone else like she screwded me from the very first beginning.I believe that we're dealing with a very clever and cunning scammer who knows what she is doing.This scammer must be stopped once and for all before any other men are in the risk of being scammed.
And one other interesting thing is that after I informed the agency about all this,she,of course,denied requesting me for money and tried to accuse me of sexual solicitation.
She obviously got nervous and desperate and tried to incriminate me but it backfired on her and the agency removed her at once.
Let's stop this rotten scam artist!!!


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