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Elena Argunova
First name:

Elena Argunova

Last name: Argunova
Age: 23
Location details: Kharkov, Ukraine
Postal address: Astronomicheskaya 44-a/65, Kharkov, Ukraine
Phone number: phone of her “translator” Valery: 380979412358
E-mail address:


I decided to do a search for exoticdream via Google because the person using this ID living in Kharkov Ukarine is part of a scamming network that is
very, very sophisticated. On her ID is # 27950. Her ID is # 10859 on It seems she's deleted her profile from
She is a real person and the people whom she's working with are a woman named Valery, a man who drives a taxi driver and has a car Dimitri, and Valery's
husband/boyfriend Michael.
I have much more info including the cell number for Valery and exoticdream's name and adddress and company she is supposed to work for.
I sent her money to help her out before going to Kharkov. After my visit, her previously ill mother took a turn for the worse and she had to sell everything in Kharkov to buy an airplane ticket to Yakutsk Siberia because she might be "dying." I've never heard from her since.

Her name is supposed to be Elena Argunova.
She is supposed to work at Beauties of Kharkov as a secretary though she says the duties are a meeting coordinator of their shows.
Her address is supposed to be
Astronomicheskaya 44-a/65
61001љ Kharkov
She only gave me a telephone of her “translator” Valery: љ380979412358.

I’ve not heard from her in two months.
Her “exit” was alleged mother’s being gravely ill as I mentioned in the first email.


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