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Last name: Nikoforova
Age: 28
Location details: Ufa/Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia
Postal address: Ufa/Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I personally want to thank you for paying attention to our concerns.
I think this person is a scammer, Anna, # 32805. She originally wrote to me, and as you requested, you would like a sample of letters, so here is one of the ones she sent me. This one is typical of the ones she wrote everyday during the first week. I told her that I want to come and meet her, to meet her family, but she insists on coming to see me, this was the red flag for me.

Greetings dear !!! Yesterday I to study all concerning my arrival in you. I have come the Internet cafe to inform you that all well. I am
written Downwards on reception in the transport company. I need To let out my visa, the passport and the document concerning insurance of
health. They will be ready 15 days after payment. I shall be capable to Be in your country only 90 days but if you will be urgently borrowed I can come back home earlier. Such opportunity to me leaves Time in life to be in you so is fast on visiting. My daddy also finds From on the account of tickets. As I to have inquiry to you. I need In your help. Send to me 400-500 $ USA, for registration From my
documents. In us everywhere quotations in the American dollars. Simply the visa for 30/90 expenses of days (stands) - 400 $USA, And nevertheless it is necessary on any charges. I should pass medical Survey and to pay insurance and the passport for Travel abroad. Then I shall study on the account And to speak tickets you. This money to Wednesday or Thursday That I have paid, my charges for documents on
Thursday are necessary For me. If you can send money today so to me I shall be more silent also Will not worry, that something I shall not have time. Also my love, As Jim has told me, you will require some datas from me, you will require My full name if you remember, ANNA NIKIFOROVA, also here - The address of the closest bank where is located sistem Western The union in Ufa: ALFA-BANK-BASHKARTOSTAN
Lenina, 28 Ufa, 450000 My dear, I want to ask you when you will send it eferences(manipulations) behind the help of 400-500 dollars,it will be necessary for me to which you should Send to me theimportant information which demanded in a package of money. (Number-MTCN the Control Transfers Money). This number you will have in The receipt which work the operator, will give you. My dear, you<br />
Should to send me it so the important data in e-mail. Without it Data MTCN I, willn't can to receive references behind the help which are necessary for My arrival to you my dear . My love, I understand Completely that it includes the big money, but to me is more on whom I can To rely and on it, I ask you about your help with, it charges. Mine Love, we - me, and you like each other very much, and we shall be Together, simply, I sure in it my loved XXX!!!
I expect and I dream for one instant of our meeting at your airport mine XXX. I shall shout I in this moment when I shall leave from air pass and When I shall see to you mine XXX, because it will be with happiness mine Dear XXX. I close my eyes, and I imagine about it so happy Picture. My love, I dream, as we shall live together my loved to go On the walk, storing for our hands my love. I want it you
Will show me your native ground, places where you like to go for a Walk and where you like to spend a lot of your time, also I wants to Get acquainted with your relatives and the close friends so much! I want To be with you very much, so a lot of my love! I love you XXX, and I grieve without you my dear love! Well, my love, Let me to finish my e-mail my dear
, I expect yours Messages so a lot of my person of love !!!

And now the latest letters are like this. The phone call she keeps mentioning does not mean anything to me if she does not want me to come and see her.

Greetings my loved, liked, favourite XXX!!! I am glad to receive your letters, I very much love your letters. I today went to the Western union, but I could not receive money because I should know your full name the address, and also 10 numbers (MTCN). Write to me please this information. Also I read your letter, excuse, but I have no photos of my family, and also picture Sasha and Jim. But if my love XXX, wants
to see these pictures, and ianoaeaaaao on it, I shall do it. Except for that my daddy has told, that it will pay services of telephone
conversations with you. It would be very amusing to hear your voice. Please write to me. I love you!!! I want you!!! I with impatience wait for your letters. Yours for ever Anna

PS She seems to be wanting me to send the money before she will show me pictures of her family. She showed me pictures of her in her bath robe. Is this a classic situation?


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