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Last name: unknown
Age: 27
Location details: Volgsk, Russia
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:
Webpage: 34208


Report #1.

This scammer with the typical approach! Sends you sexy photo's for the "hook". Then proceeds to tell how she wants and needs you, etc. etc.
And then says her "uncle" will buy her a US visa, but is $ 1500 short and to send her the money.
The following is the last correspondence with her.

Date: August 5, 2005

HELLO my fine prince!!!
I recently have returned from my uncle which, we talked in occasion of
My trip to you, It will help me with registration of the visa, but has arisen One difficulty. Tickets under the tourist visa can be bought only At once on a trip to USA and back. And this the expensive for me.
We recently have moved on a new apartment and it was necessary to us will be spent.
Therefore I at present have only nearby 2000 $,
Which the uncle gives me, but it a little. It is required to me nearby 3500 $ and it is rough.
And on the account of that you have arrived to me I it would be glad, but at us There is a repair in an apartment as I have already told we recently have moved. And then I at present cannot is still exact speak about a marriage.
I should visit there where I should live with you and Then I shall make the final decision. In fact it is a serious step, I hope You understand me.
I have a Question to you, " you can help With tickets? "
Please be not late with the answer therefore as the visa it is necessary To be engaged right now. Otherwise I need to leave on work.

Big kiss LENA.

Report #2.
Typical scam. Tells you she loves you in a couple of letters and can't live without you. Wants you to pay for her visa and tickets to visit you but doesnt have all the money. Her "uncle" has all these special connections to get a US visa quickly for only $ 1500. If you question her about it, her attitude quickly accuses you of lack of trust, insincerity, etc.


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