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Last name: Banker
Age: 28
Location details: Canada, Spandia
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


She wrote me 3 times the same introduction that she have in this site and the last letter was to ask me for $ 650.00 USD, She is suposed to be Canadian but she don't write like an English speaking person and she wants me to send the money to Africa??? come on!

This is her last letter;

if u will like to start a relationship with me i will like u to do something for me ...and it is by am not in state right now i have no parent they die for the past 2 years ago and i stay wiht my friend named janet and i do stay with her we sleep together and sometimes i went to the hotel to sleep but now her mother is dead we came to africa together to do the burail ceremony but i did not go with her we go in a different way and she gave me an address for me to locate the place on getting there i dismiss the address so i slept at an hotel name palace hotel here in africa so that night i thief came there and rob us and go then they took away all my money i brought here and they went away before we say that we want to call the police they have ran away so they remaning money with me i used it to pay for my bill at the hotel on getting to the air port to go back to my home they said that my ticket has expire that i have to renew it back and i dont have the money to renew it back plsz i will like u to help me to pay for my ticket for me to renew it back and i promise u that i will do any thing u ask me to do and i will satisfy u with everything and i also promise u that i will come to your home and saty with u forever if u want that from me .......reply me back plsz the money for it is $650 for me to renew it back........

I hope it works to stop this kind of girls


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