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Last name: Belle
Age: 29
Location details: Philippines
Postal address: Tagbilaran
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I send her flowers for her supposing birhtday in philippines and that is how I found out.
The delivery service was unable to locate her because the address she gave me was correct even the name of the family was correct but the delivery boy who spoke with the family Maglangit was told that no BELLE was existing or even living in this address, and they also never heard of a BELLE.

The sheriff of the county/city did some research and it is NO Belle Maglangit existing in the area either. I sent her twice money but after the second time and after she found out about the flowers situation, she did not respond to any of my emails.

Please make sure everyone to not making the same mistake that I did, she/he is not real and/he will do it again. I hope that you service will take her profile off the site of she/he will scam someone else.



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