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Last name: none
Age: 30
Location details: Kharkiv, Kupyansk
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I was already in contact with 'her' for about 5 months by e-mail, in beginning she offered to contact me on Skype but later refused to tell me her Skype name or to contact me there with mine.
After offering a visit from me in her town or region (not my first offer meanwhile) to get in personal contact I received the following letter:
Hello XXX! Sorry it took so long to respond to you ! I became very ill (((I had a sore throat with a high fever, I did not go to work, and so I just wanted to write to you that I can not answer you when I get home, but I did not have such an opportunity! Tom I felt bad, it was just awful! I called the doctor, he suggested that I go to the hospital for a couple of weeks, but I wrote a failure because I had to go work, I'm at work, but also not very good feel ... It does not describe in words how I was hurt, I have the throat as though it was all in flames, so much hurt ((now a little easier, but the doctor prescribed me strong antibiotics to drink, and they have a lot of side, I understand that you probably already forgot about me, excuse me again please! I always thought about you and so much worried because I could not wrote you, and I think what you're really mad at me! I shall now try to append a letter to you and take time off from work again to leave at least a few hours earlier, because a severe headache and throat burn everything! I have no idea where I was even able to pick up the sore throat, probably from the students! I'm daily contact with many students! I really only you and I do not want no one else to talk because Tom I see in you a serious and self-confident man! I am very happy that I met you! Most likely I fell ill again because the last time I was not recovered until the end, and went to work the floor of the patient, in principle as it is now! It is of course unfortunate, but I do not give a full-fledged hospital ((This is because of this my doctor and prescribed very expensive antibiotics. But they should drink with probiotics ((And I need to go in the morning to the warming in the hospital before going to work. I can not already ... I'm so tired ... you know I see in you a man of my future and I want to share with you not only happy moments of my life but also bad! So Tom I Do not know how to write to you, I Do not know how you would react to that, but I'll tell you, and you yourself decide ... I want to ask you for help for treatment, I am now in a difficult financial situation, I I will not write you a certain amount that I needed for the normal and high-quality treatment because the drugs is very expensive in Ukraine and I just wanted to ask you to help me as you yourself want, unless of course you have such an opportunity! Here. I wrote this, though very scared, but I really had no one to turn to. And I think you're my man can understand me and support! I hope so! Advance would like to say thank you! And of course I'll be waiting for any of your answer! And now I have to say goodbye, because I still need to finish my work and I want to go home to lie down a bit! I really feel guilty in front of you because of its very late reply! And now, my situation is difficult to name even normal! I'm tired of this life (((kiss! And waiting for your answer! I really believe that you can understand me and I want you to be honest with me! because I love you and I trust you and because of it I ask you to help me a little! I don't know how much it will cost! May be about 140 dollars! But you know I have very small salary so i can not pay for myself! And you are my man and I believe you and I really see that you are serious and you can support me! Thank you my darling Tom! Your Irina

She (they) used a lot of time to try to scam me, but finally it was the same, they only want money!!!! Thankfully I'm clever enough not to pay for them!!!
Please delete and block this liar(s) from your site!


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