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Last name: Malinina
Age: 24
Location details: kazan
Postal address: Not knwon
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I received this generic email:
I am lonely woman from Russia and my name is Oksana and I am 25 years old.
I am looking for man who will become my half and who will be happy with me to the end of our days.
I want to find man with whom I will make ideal family where love will be the main thing.I
want to begin e-mail correspondence with you because I think you can be the right man for me
and my first impressions about your profile are very good and first impressions may grow into something
And I hope you will respond me and we will know if we ideal for each other.I will be very glad and grateful to you to receive your respond.I hope you will want to get acquainted with me.
With respect and hopes about your fast answer!

After one email, I was asking for money.

Hello Arnaud.
It is not pleasant for me to speak about it, but I have not enough money to write to you letters in it and the subsequent month. The Internet of cafe it is very expensive to manage for me, and I have already exhausted all savings. If you might help me. It is necessary for me about 500 dollars to continue to communicate free with you. If it is possible you will help me.

As I knew she was a scammer, I continued to talk with her and said OK, I can pay. This is the answer.

Hello Arnaud.
I now really need in money and I shall not refuse your help. But you should not think, that it is gratuitous. When we shall meet I can return to you your money.
You heard about " the Western union " something? It is the known company which is engaged in remittances worldwide. So it will be easier to send your help, than by mail. Mail in Russia works badly and it is impossible to be sure, that your letter will reach me.
In " Western The union " you should know my full name and the data:
The country: Russia;
Name: Oksana;
Lastname: Malinina.

I asked for a picture to see what would be the answer:

Hello my dear!
I am glad that you have written me the letter, to me to like when you write me the letter.
Yes I have a picture, but you to me tell please when you will send me money.
My dear, I wait from you for the answer.
I am strong very much you I kiss in directly lip.
OOOHHH, I was very exited.....


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