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Last name: Kochut
Age: 27
Location details: Ukraine, Krasnokutsk
Postal address: per.pionersky 2/4
Phone number: +380954542133
E-mail address:
ICQ: 241393


She said that she is doing her internship as a doctor at Krasnokutsk Central Regional Hospital, and that she is a candidate master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. She always write how she enjoyed my letter, but always answered my questions separately, like if she forgot to answer them. She sounds very promising and her letters are like she stoled your heart from day one. She never express her feelings but always say "me too". I paid for her VISA and Airplane tickets. But the day she had to go for interview she send me a fake South African Embassy document stating I need to pay $2500 for travel cheques. I send the letter through to the embassy and confirmed that the letter was fake. So I confronted her, and from their on never heard from her again. But I see she is back on the new-dating website, her ID: 241393


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