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Last name: Natalia
Age: 31
Location details: Kharkov region Zolochev
Postal address: Sadovaya stret 3/13
Phone number: +380953148360
E-mail address:

Report:<br />
<br />
this laddy is a professional, she wrote 6 months, ask all step by step ( probably a false pasport too)
13:38 (Il y a 23 heures)
&#192; moi
Will you send me 350 euros? I have to pay for the loan and then I can fly to you. Believe me, it will be better for you.
Belgium - 45 euros (1300 UAH) - foreigners who stayed at private persons, 100 euros (2.8 thousand UAH) - foreigners who stayed at the hotel;
I told you information that I received in agency, they not asked me where I will be live (hotel or somewhere else).
I do not understand what the problem is.
Is it difficult for you to fulfill the requirements of the embassy and help me prove financial guarantees? I made a passport as promised, you bought me a ticket. I do not understand your reaction. Almost everything is ready for our meeting and you understand it yourself.
Think I'm ready for this trip? I took free days at work, I almost collected my suitcase, bought a ticket to get to Kiev.
My phone number is: +380953148360.<
13 juin (Il y a 2 jours)
&#192; moi
Hello Dear!
I was in the bank, I got paid from you! Thank you!!!
After the bank, I went to the travel agency to clarify how I should properly put money in the bank to show later at the airport and what documents I must show at the airport. I decided to clarify everything so that later when I'm going to fly to you, it did not have any problems.
In the travel agency, they explained everything to me and asked me to show you the tickets you ordered for me. I showed them to them but they said that I will have problems because I fly to your country but I have financial guarantees only for 7 days. And I'm flying to you for 25 days.
They said that I should have financial guarantees for 25 days, because I have a return ticket! For 7 days this is not enough. Because I will have to show the return ticket! I told them that I asked them about it and they said that 7 days would be enough. And they said that maybe I did not understand something or mixed it up. I have to have 1125 euros on the map or cash at the airport, otherwise I might not be allowed on the plane! So I need to have another 825 euros.<br />
Darling, I do not know what to do. I know that you believed me. I do not want you to think I did it on purpose. This is not true. I really did not know that. Because the visa-free regime with Europe began only on June 11 and so there are many things I did not know about!<br />
I very much ask you to send the rest of the money so that I can fly to you tomorrow. I understand that you did not count on it. But the situation has developed like this.<br />
I have a bus to Kiev this evening, I have already packed my suitcase and I have a ticket. Tomorrow I'll come to Kiev. But I will need to have financial guarantees before the plane. I very much ask you to help me. this will not happen again! I feel very guilty because I have to ask you about this at the last moment. I'm very ashamed because because of my inattention, I got into such an unpleasant situation and you, too.<br />
<br />
Natasha.<br />
<br />
Hello!<br />
<br />
I do not understand you at all!<br />
We had a plan with you and you are trying to change everything at the last moment. What for? You do not trust me that much? This is very unpleasant.<br />
If you want to come to Borispol, then this is your right. But how will your arrival affect financial guarantees? Do you think that when they see you at the airport they will let me be nurtured without financial guarantees? If you so decided that you are wrong!<br />
We discussed with you that I will spend my weekends in your country! And not in Borispol or in any other Ukrainian city!<br />
You surprise me. First I made a passport and you changed your mind about paying for a visa and tickets. Now you are refusing the last moment from what we planned earlier.<br />
You know that I took time off at work, bought a train ticket to Kiev. But you do not care. You do not care what will happen to me and that I'm a living person who has feelings. And you treat me like you're trying to buy a doll! It's terrible!<br />
What should I think of you. When you are ready to pay for a ticket for 300 euros, but you can not help with financial guarantees.<br />
I understand that you do not trust me that much, that you humiliate this way.<br />
How are you going to build a relationship if it's so humiliating to a woman?


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