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Last name: Suryadnova
Age: 25
Location details: Ukraine Makeevka city of Donetsk region.
Postal address: 83119
Phone number:
E-mail address:,


I got acquainted with each other on new-dating.<br />
after several bck and forth letters,she said she want me send USD200 to her to prepare paper document(Passport and Visa), but I just say I can buy plane ticket from internet for her. now she want me directly send her money,her inforation as following:

My full name - Natalia Suryadnova.
Country: Ukraine Makeevka city of Donetsk region. Trubitsyna street, 18/7.

besides,she sent some photos is not her
after I refused to pay,she speak many dirty words in bad maner, her repulsive face show out.


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