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Last name: Ibahibha Romany
Age: 31
Location details: Perevalsk Ukraine
Postal address: Ukraine,943000 Perevalsk, Tomskogo St.18/22
Phone number: 380664608021
E-mail address:,
ICQ: ID = 257084


We have exchanged about 10 letters and things seam to be going well and we wanted to arrange a meeting, but my schedule would not all anything more than 1-2 days and I wanted more time than this. So she replied that she was ready to come to me and that she had made all arrangements, except for needing an international passport , which she claimed cost 300 USD I replied its very difficult to send money there because of the war and I needed copies of 2 forms of Pictire IDs and she provided a copy of her Ukraine passport and address to send the money via money gram ((( So that is where things are now((( I asked her to borrow from family or friends and when she got here I would send her back with all the money plus an extra 100 ISD for allowing you to borrow the money!! But of coarse she replied everyone has there own problems and cannot afford to loan her 300 USD. I did my homework and found it only cost 165 USD to get a travel visa . So even though I would pay the money in a Heartbeat if I thought it was true((( but it all sounds fishy to me(((


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