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Alena Kravchenko
First name:

Alena Kravchenko

Last name: Unknown
Age: 18
Location details: Lugansk, Ukraine & St-Petesburg, Moscow, Russia
Postal address: 16th Line street, 38, Lugansk, Ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address:;; alena008c@mail


I was writing to Alena or her new name Veronika for some weeks, then she said that she was in love with me and she could not live without me, then she just stop writing me and I tried to get some answered from her but she did not asnwered any of my letters. Now I know why she did not asnwered me. I was looking in and I found her profile in the scammers list. I bet somebody else add her profile here before she ask me directly for money, she just mentioned something about money and coming to the usa with me, but not directly. She has in this site 3 profiles, 2 different names, 3 different cities in 2 different countries.

New-Dating profiles;

First profile:
Alena (id=20712) from Lugansk, Ukraine, 21y/o.
Second profile:
Alena (id=25052) from Lugansk, Ukraine, 21y/o.
Third profile:
Alena (id=27839) from Moscow, Russia, 21y/o.

Also she is in

Be careful with scammers, they think they are very smart and they think we are dumb or something!.
Never send money to a stranger just because she talks nice to you, it's money talk, or also known as scam!.
Please do something to stop this scammer and all of them... PLEASE!


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