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Last name: Sokolova
Age: 21
Location details: Russia , Kazan
Postal address: Kazan , Mira Street 35 , Apartament 108
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


I found a rebeat scammer , which use the same dating agency before . Her Name is Olga Sokolova .
ID 34412 previous ID 33500 and 28600.
She been reported before , but still managed to get on to the Dating Web Page the third time .
She managed to get some money out of , before I realized it was a scamm she is very good , must have some other people on her site .
We sent about 30 E-Mails.
After I sent her some mone via Western Union she needed more
For Example

Hello Thomas
I want to inform you ggod news.
Today I have received your money . All is good .
I am very glad to got the money that I can meet you.
My pleasure got no borders .
But I want to tell you that to me have told , that I also should pass a medical Insurance before I start the trip to kiev .But to my regret she cost money.
Me have told that she will cost approximately 260-270 USD.Also me have told that this is a body of for arrival in other country. I necessarily should require it .
It is very inconvenient to me at you to ask about it , whether but I want ask you can To help me with it ?
It is a unique part which is necessary to me for trip to Ukraine . Think above it and inform me as soon as possible Thomas .
I with the large impatience wait for our meeting at the airport of kiev.
I very wait for your letter.


After I did't send any money , she told me her mother is very sick and need hospital treatment , and I don't understand how poor her family is .
I really hope that women get stopped soon , she is very good how she get money out of "stupid" people like me.

Please stop here,



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