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Olga Mayorova
First name:

Olga Mayorova

Last name: Mayorova
Age: 28
Location details: Yaransk, Russia
Postal address: Yaransk, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:;;


Report #1

Please look following :

Same Olga as the previous one - picture are from the same girl !!!!!!!!!!!

Please read :

welcome to "olgasux" forum :

" I am only a "junior member", but the big boys let me play with them,

Anyway, a brief description of "us" Me personally was getting on great guns
with Olga, E mailing her, photo`s etc. I was really made up having thought I
had "pulled" a fit burd. AND THEN as I was Google searching for the river
Yaransk, trying find where she lived and BOSH!!!

I suddenly met up with the guys you now see on this site, They had allready
realised "Olga" was a scammer,
I was just about to send her cash!!!! Luckily I found this site!

There is a lot of stuff now posted on this site and it is quite hard (for me
anyways) to find my way around and read the postings. BUT it is certainly
enlightening, All the Guys seem to me to be Legit and a good laugh as you
will see as you read some of their HILARIOUS posts and comments.

Please post something, just tell us how you came across "Olga" or this site,

And again Welcome "

Report #2

I have now been contacted via different id's but same picture and she is on scammers list across the internet and also this site as now olga555


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