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Age: 21
Location details: Lugansk, Ukraine
Postal address: Lugansk, Ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address:


In general, if a girl is a scammer, I just stop correspondance. However,I thought I would bring this one to your attention since she seems a bit
I saw this profile maybe 6 months ago. Had some correspondance and after 4 letter this girl told me she was madly in love and want me to send several
thousand dollars. In fact, I told her, I would just come to visit her rather than all this expense before we met. She never wrote after this email.. Hmmmm.
So I see the same girl pictures, on your site. I sent interest and she
sent the exact same email as previously, including her email address. So,I decide to play along... Can you believe she has written me two email now
word for word the same emails she sent several months ago. If fact, it does not matter what questions I ask or the content of my email.. the exact emails come back... Of course, the last one ask for the several thousand dollars. I would
ignor this but after checking, she has recieve quite a lot of money through Western Union .. so I bring it to your attention..Thanks for handling this matter.

Below there's her letter:

My darling !
Just with every your letter I understand more and more clearly that
you are very serious about our relations and I am also as well and I
am very happy that we have a chance to be together in summer and maybe
we will stay together for the rest of my life.
You know, today, when i received your letter, I went to the
travel agency and to the passport office and found out what is
necessary if I would like to move for abroad. And so I was told that I
need to have international passport and visa to go abroad. As for
visa, it is supposed to cost 200$ and it must be ready in a week
If I want to have my passport done in it will cost 300$, I will be really unable to
pay for all these papers and airline ticket will be 1500$, though I never intended
to ask you for money, but I suppose that I will not have another choice, I so much
hope that you will understand me and that we will really be together soon.....
I am now kissing you tenderly and hope to hear from you as soon as

Just yours devoted and loving Vika.


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