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Age: 25
Location details: Makarovo/Lugansk, Ukraine
Postal address: Makarovo/Lugansk, Ukraine
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E-mail address:;


Subject: From "TantalService"

Dear XXX,

We represent the firm that deals with translation of different documents and correspondence. We provide our clients with interpretation and sending letters through the
Internet. Diana is our client. She comes to our firm and uses our service in translation her and your letters as well as she sends her letters and receives yours ones with our help. From the very beginning of your correspondence she paid for our service herself. Now she is not able to pay us
further cause she has definite financial difficulties. If you are really interested in her and in continuation of your relations with Diana you would help her with payment for our service. In this case we can put our prices and conditions at your disposal. And one more thing we want you to know
that Diana waits with impatience on your last letter to betranslated to her.
Sincerely yours,
Director of "TantalService",
Vyacheslav Drogannikov.


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