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baby1 ID 37345
First name:

baby1 ID 37345

Last name:
Age: 27
Location details: Brazilia Brazil, New York, London, presently Lagos
Postal address: not known by me
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I was contacted by this lady (or at least by someone using this photo) through the site Asian Euro. Claimed to be from Brazil. Then I saw the same photo on the site Matchdoctor, and later on the site Lovetown. Today I was on your forum and one person asked for information on her (see thread anyone familiar with 37345) and thread (more mindless drivel) As a result I was able to stop the original author sending money to this person, we have communicated by personal E mail and I have been able to show him why this person is a simple scammer. With his permission you may publish the E mails from me to him. I have photos from this person which I can forward to you should you wish to see these


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