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Age: 25
Location details: Lugansk(Teplichnoe), Ukraine
Postal address: kvartal Gagarina 3-a, Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000. on the address kvartal Gagarina 3-a, Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000.
Phone number:
E-mail address:


As you can see, by the third letter she is talking of love. And is asking me to pay over $200 per month to continue talking to her.

ATTENTION: NEW-DATING.COM DOES NOT COOPERATE WITH ANY TRANSLATION OR MARRIAGE AGENCIES! Any agency posting their profiles (mostly fake) ia acting illegal and must be reported to the website's administration asap.

Hello dear ,

I was the happiest to get your letter. First of all , I want to thank you for your nice photo, you are so tender as I have always dreamed about. Sweetheart, I was thinking so long, I want to see you, to meet
with you, but as I know English not so well , I have passed to the courses. I am spare for you not a time, not a money, which I have charged for you. I want to understand you, I want to be with you as
soon as possible. I really hope for our beautiful future, it's a hard work because we can't see each other, but I believe that we'll get a life long reward...because we've chosen a way walking which we are learning each other's inner world, and I find it wonderful...Because the beauty will fade in years, and your love will still burning if we respect each other, understand and know that we are everything for
each other, a smile to cheer up, a hand to support, a word to make you feel warm and loved, eyes to understand with no words...This is a true
love for me...It's when you never think "I", but there's always "we", love is when you listen to his steps when he's coming home, it's when a minute without him seems an hour, it's when there's a crowd of people but you see only him, love is when feel happy together no matter what you are doing, love is when are one for another...and no circumstances can change it... Dear, I wouldn't like to stop a correspondence with you, but as I am going to the courses now, I will not be able to pay for our letters several weeks. If you can, please,
help us to don't loose of each other. I am very interested in you.
I will be very honest with you, I will never hurt you and I hope you will never do it with me. I asked the price at the firm who helps me to translate our correspondence. I will attach it in the letter,
and you will look through it.

All of the prices are in USD.

- translation, typing and printing of one letter costs $6;
- scanning, typing and printing of one photo costs $2;
- phone call translation 30 minutes with help of our translator costs $25;


1. limitless number of the letters, limitless number of scanned and printed photos, limitless number of telephone calls with help of our translator - $250.

2. limitless number of the letters,limitless number photos,one
telephone call with help of our translator - $225.
3. limitless number of the letters,limitless number photos- $140.
4. 10 letters from you and 10 letters from Your lady ( without printing and scanning of photos ) - $100 (this sum includes one free ICQ contact).

Your payment you will be able to make via Western Union on the name of Your lady or on our administrator's name: Tatiana Vladimirovna
Bondarenko on the address: kvartal Gagarina 3-a, Lugansk, Ukraine 91000. If you will decide to help to your lady and will make a transfer with help of Western Union, you have to provide us the
following information: Your full name, Your surname, country you are from, the sum you have sent, money transfer control number which you will given in department of Western Union.

You can also visit the site and send your transfer on - line (only if your live in the US or Canada).
We will be glad for the cooperation with you.
Sincerely Yours,Director of "ExpressClubTransl"
Michael Nikolaevich Zarubin.
Dear, I will understand everything if it is very not acceptable and very expensive for you. In this case, I will try to decide this problem myself. I will do everything for you. This letter I send you
my photo, which was taken by professional photograph very long ago, I think it is the best photo of me, and I hope you'll like it.

I miss you,
I kiss you,
I love you,
Your always Marina.


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