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Last name: Kondratuk
Age: 25
Location details: Severodonetzk/Lugansk, Ukraine
Postal address: Severodonetzk/Lugansk, Ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address:;;


Another fake translation service:
Dear Sir,

We are the translation organization and your lady Nina uses our services. We are writing to inform you that unfortunately your account is over and if you want to continue your relations with Nina and to
maintain her in these services please let us know. We will send you our informative letter with the prices for the services. From our side we guarantee high quality of translation, sending and translation your
letters without any delay and subscribers confidentiality. Nina is very interested in continuing relations with you and we will be happy
to assistant you in it. Waiting for your reply,

thank you very much for interest in our services. We are very happy to assistant you and your lady in your correspondence. We want to guarantee you high quality of translation, absolute confidentiality,
translating and sending letters without any delays. Now we want to acquaint you with the order and prices of translation .

Your lady comes to our office, gets the letter and photos you sent,writes you a reply in Russian/Ukrainian, scan photos(if she wishes).
After this her letter is translated, typed you in English and sent to you in shortest period.


-translation and printing 1 letter - $5
-scanning 1 photo - $2
-printing 1 photo - $3

You can also choose another way of payment - unlimited month or two months services economizing your expenses. Unlimited services include limitless number of your letters and your lady plus limitless number of scanning and printing photos for one month or two months price.

-1 month translation,printing/scanning photos - $210
-2 months translation,printing/scanning photos - $340

You can send the sum you want, even very little, for example for several letters. When your account is finished you can fulfill it again. We will be constantly in touch with you, will be happy to
answer all your questions regarding our work and will inform you when your account is over.
The way of payment:

There are two ways of payment.

Money Gram system
Bank address - 91000, Exim Bank, Goduvantzev Str. 7a, the recipient is
your lady Kondratuk Nina, Lugansk, Ukraine.

Western Union system.

Western Union( the Joint-Stock Company "Ukrainian and Financial Group"- official representative of Western Union: Bank Ukrainian, Shevchenko Str.) on the name of your lady Kondrtatuk Nina, Lugansk, Ukraine,91055.
The citizens of Canada and USA can use official site of Western Union and validate transfer just from the site:

As soon as you form the transfer please send us informative letter with the transfer control number so your lady gets all the needed information for picking up your transfer. Then she pays in for your
correspondence and your account is open.

We will be very happy to assistant and hope on future contact. We are waiting for your information.

Kind regards,
Translation organization "Gelios"


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