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Zoya Morgunova
First name:

Zoya Morgunova

Last name: Zoja
Age: 27
Location details: Cheboksary; Kazan
Postal address: Gagarina St 116-178
Phone number:
E-mail address:;

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Zoya!!!

Certainly, I love you, you at me unique in my heart. I have sent you my address. I shall
send a copy of the passport to you tomorrow. About my illness, to me performed operation, she not so serious. I tomorrow leave from hospital, and I shall prepare to trip, if you not against. I would like to learn, we
shall meet your friend who lives with the Russian girl. I send you my frank photos. I very much love you, and I wish to arrive to you. Came to me more than the photos. Write to me? But like all. With love Zoya!!! P.S. Western union addresses and money gram where you may transfer me money also! 1)Money gram: SVIAZ BANK; 44, YAROSLAVSKAYA STR. CHEBOKSARY, RUSSIAN
FEDERATION 428000.2) Western union: Vneshtorgbank; SVERCHKOVA, 15 CHEBOKSARY , RUSSIAN FEDERATION 428009.


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