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Last name: did not give it
Age: 28
Location details: Ioshkar Ola / Russia
Postal address: real IP address
Phone number: did not give it
E-mail address:


Answers 3 seconds after you have sent your letter.
Looks like she practises scamming full time
Never answers your questions, even when asked twice or 3 times
Sends Copy and paste letters
All of them start with "my dear" "darling",
She never calls you by your name
Looks like a real top-model (marilyn Monroe) style) and has never had a boyfriend, goes to church every day....
Sends Top model photos and has a whole collection of professional- looking photos She falls in passionate love with you after the second letter You call her a scammer and she answers you with another passionate love letter...I even sent a porn picture -sorry to say ....- and I received another long love letter
if you use another email address you receive exactly the same letters Did not dare publish her photo on newDating

"Un homme averti en vaut deux" French proverb


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