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Last name: Boychuk
Age: 26
Location details: Belarus,Polotsk
Postal address: Dzerzhinskogo street 24
Phone number:
E-mail address:,,galzgalzgal


ATTENTION: this set of photos does not belong to Alexandra Boychuk, but was taken a Russian model's website:
Someone must have used her pictures from her website to do the scam work.

A real ruthless scammer!!She asked me for money already in the two first letters and told me that she'll send me her naked photos for money and she requested money for visa.
She got very angry and upset when I refused to send her money and she didn't reply to me after that.However,later I received a letter from a company called Lena's Profiles and it's obvious that she's behind it!She tried to sell "a package of beautiful girl's profiles" for less than $ 50.00.And she sent this letter to two other men as well she's probably trying to scam!She's a real desperate fool and no-one would be so stupid to send her money even though she's beautiful and sexy with hot photos!

Letter 1
Hi John!
Thanks for pix. Nice.
on yr letter:
(we should ask each other all kind of questions and that we way will learn as much aspossible about each other.)
Ask anything at all, I will answer any questions, yet in my experience one better meet a man in person.
I need to see with my eyes how big heart a man has and what we together can count on. To look at the way he lives in real enviroment etc. otherwise I will not have idea about what he is really like.
(I've been to Ukraine and to Russia many times because of my business.)what is the business ?
(I'd love to meet with you in your beautiful city!)
And I would prefer to meet you in your city (read above).
( I know that we can have a good relationship! )
I believe in it too somehow.
( I have got my own company and I am the CEO of my company.)
What exactly is your company engaged in ?
I am very active in sports too. Swimming mostly, also volleyball, tennis.
What sort of books do you usually read ?
I prefer british literature, such as John Fowles, for example.
I love lots of things and am busy all the time: gardening, attending concerts, museums, galleries etc.
My most innocent and quite hobby is collecting postcards and philately on butterflies.
You may send me some :)
(Have you ever been to California?)
Kidding ? Too far away for me. I used to visit France though once a year.
(Do you work with something or maybe study?)
I work as cloth designer now.
(And what caused you joining the site?)
I thought that it was time to have my family and kids with some well-to-do nice guy.
(What exactly are you looking for?)
Love and stability.
Europe Belarus 211402 Polotsk Dzerzhinskogo-24 or more reliable:
Europe Belarus 211402 Polotsk-2 pob# 20
my mobile: 375214-6911026

Letter 2
Hi John!
<br />
(And Sasha,remember that you can too ask me anything you want)
Anything I want ?
1.When is your birthday?
9th July 1979
2.Your height and weight?
169, 55
3.What can you tell me about your country?
Nice one.
4.What can you tell me about your family?
I have no family. My parent were killed in car accident, yet I do not like discussing this matter.
5.Do you enjoy cooking?
I do.
6.What countries have you been to?
Ukraine, Russia, litva, France
7.What are your hobbies?
Collecting philately on butterflies
8.What perfumes and flowers do you like?
Roses, Dolche and Caddana
9.What music do you like?
Queen, Kula Shaker
10.What are qualities in men you mostly appreciate?
Strong character, intelligence, generousity
11.How well do you speak English?
Very well.
You also wrote in your profile that you're looking for a man to have fun with and maybe marriage later...Please,tell me more about it!What kind of fun are you looking for??
Love. Spending time together.
Pic is attached...

Letter 3
Hi John!
Let me be honest with you, John....
I deal only with well-to-do men, no garage mechanics for me...I deal only with men for whom hundred bux is a piece of cake.Better be two hundreds, of course.
If you want to see my nude pix, pay for them.I will be in France until January.My name ( as in passport Oleksandra Boychuk ). American expess or western union will do.If you want to invite me to usa, send me an official invitation so that I apply for visa.
Europe Belarus 211402 Polotsk Dzerzhinskogo-24
or more reliable:
Europe Belarus 211402 Polotsk-2
You should know that I am broad-minded girl but expensive.
If you can not afford it just forget it and look for someone just around the corner.
No bad feelings please.
I am Russian girl which means I am not for peanuts.

Letter 4
Hi John !
I think better see a real girl not pix.
If you are well-to-do as you say let's start getting visa.Anything at all is too much for me, yet some 2-3 hundreds right tomorrow will do. I will need to go to Moscow and back several times. And hopefully I can obtain visa by Christmas if we hurry up.

Letter 5
This is one. Send 1/3 in a meanwhile.

Letter 6
NAKED ENOUGH ? iF not forget the deal.

Letter 7
Bullshit. You will stop grindstone with you teeth for hundred bux.


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