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Last name: don't know
Age: 22
Location details: kazan ,russian
Postal address: don't know
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this is the second email i've recieved from her ....Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 06:14:22 +0300
From: "nova25" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert

hello my dear XXX!!!!!!!! I to want to begin my letter with that that I strong to kiss you. I did not know as you to me to answer, but now I to see, I to understand that you as is glad to this offer. We can develop money and it will be the most correct and fair decision, in fact both of us want ours a meeting means both of us should use the best efforts. You to ask when you should send second half? It depends as soon you to want what we to be together?:) I certainly hope that you as well as I to want as soon as possible our the first a meeting. I am very glad, I to want to try to represent that minute when between us there will be no distance. A part of money I to take loved{liked;favourite} at mum, but certainly all over again it would be necessary to me that I could show mum that I to not joke, and that I have second half of money. I know that mum has savings and approximately about{near} 500 euro. you can
send me approximately too 500 euro? Know I already has told yesterday to mum and girlfriends that I was possible to go for some time in other country, they are happy for me. And now to me it is terrible, suddenly you to change the mind{decide not}:) my dear you can send this money within the next few days? That I could do{make} on that week documents. I very much wait for the answer. I strong embrace you, and to a kiss I
leave up to ours a meeting:) yours Natalya


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