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Age: 35
Location details: Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
Postal address: Yoshkar-Ola, Polevaya street 3-24
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I wish to inform you of this scammer:Her name: Irina Starodubtseva, from Yoshkar Ola Actually some other woman with same first and family names do exist but the age is different, and as well the pictures are very different.
Her email is
Her adress :Yoshkar-Ola, Polevaya street 3-24
Her age: 35 years ( date of birth 20 may 1970 as per copy of passport)

I have been in contact by email, with Irina since many many months. She send always very very long letters, saying nothing special about herself, nor her life. After a few weeks, she was not active anylonger on the meetic dating site, even if her profile was still present.After a few emails, even without talking to each other, she immediately felt in love with me !!!!!!!!! During summer time, I tried a few times to ask her her phone number. She answered that she did not have any phone. I was then 100% convinced she was a scammer and I actually played with her to make her believe I wanted to invite her in my country. She said she had gone to travel agency, that everything was ready and that I need to send her money by WesternUnion. I knew it was wrong as the Embassy requires a special invitation letter when you want to have a 6 month visa, a copy of your bank account, a valid international insurance cover, in addition to airplane ticket.
I include the last letters, and all the letters I
received from her since beginning. Thanks for your website. Very very well done , and very useful of course.

Here is her request for money letter !!!

Tue, 25 Oct 2005 10:53:54 +0400

Hello my lovely Xxxx!!! I came in the Internet of cafe and I was happy that you have written for me!!!! It is very a pity to me that you lost my letters!!!! I am happy to hear that you
want that we had a meeting in Switzerland. Dear, I sent you all my photos which I had on a computer in the Internet of cafe. It not my own computer and I cannot have many photo in a computer. You understand? I shall speak your greetings for my parents. I to speak you once again all that it can is necessary to send money and I shall count it in the American dollars. Full cost in which I need it 2?500 USD.
I can speak for you my full data:
Irina Starodubtseva. My address:
Russia. Yoshkar-Ola city. Polevaya street 5-24.
Please speak for me also the full data. I can remain with you in Switzerland during 6 months. Also there will be an opportunity to prolong my visa!!!! It is very good that we can together a lot of time!!!! Please write for me soon and speak when I can have money and go to travel to Moscow to make out the visa!!!! I hope that we can be together already fast!!!! Many sweet kisses for you!!!!
Your Irina


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