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Last name: Seitmemetova
Age: 24
Location details: lugansk
Postal address: Geroev Stalingrada 11/14, 90015
Phone number: 380+642+316750
E-mail address:


She is very concerned about renting a flat for me. and after asking me three times i got this letter this morning. she has not told me anything about her personality. she (or He) is not the smartest person in the world.

i will attach her letter.

Hello dear XXX!!! Thanks for the letter. I understand You it is very good, but I wanted to secure myself from Deceit. Many agencies deceive people. I simply want to meet you one, the help of agencies and other people. If you are interested in to meeting with me, I can help you in planning your trip, I shall help to rent here habitation,
I shall help to employ the interpreter. I want that you felt my care and hospitality. Certainly we should trust and respect everyone more. I want that our relations were under construction on mutual respect
and trust to everyone. My phone number: a code of the country 380, code of city 0642, number 316750. I hope that at you all well and we shall find the compromise for the decision of our problems. I wait
your answer.


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