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Last name: Komova
Age: 25
Location details: Bryansk
Postal address: not known
Phone number: not known
E-mail address:


The same old story. After about 5 letters, I arranged for her to visit me in my country.After I bought the plane ticket in my own country for her visit, all she had to do was get a visa.
Suddenly she says she has her own plane ticket, and I must send $250 via Western Union,as the travel agency wants this money.

This is a copy of the letter I received:
My name is Sergey Zavoloko. I am agent of travel in agency of travel Global Travel.Today I has speak with Milana Komova. She wanted to bay tickets.
The tickets cost 605.01 USD. But she payd just 355.01 USD.She said that you shall pay other money. So, you need to pay just 250 USD.You can pay via international system Western Union.
Name of the city: BRYANSK, RUSSIA
If you want I can send you information about her flight tickets.

If you have some questions, you can contact me anytime.
With best regards, Mr. Sergey Zavoloko.
Global Travel
241013 Bryansk, Russia
Lenina str. 71-18
Tel: +7 0832 131862
Fax: +7 0832 131861


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