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Last name: Akieva
Age: 30
Location details: Yoshkar - Ola
Postal address: 91 - 14 Sovetskaya Street Yoshkar Ola Republic Mari - E1 Russia 452000
Phone number:
E-mail address:


This Lady was so conviencing when I met her until we arranged to meet in December 2005. She asked me for help with VISA which I did. I send ?100 for passport and VISA and she dissappeared for considerable lenght of time only to come back and asked me for to send her additional money. This is her letters.
My love, I went in travel agency. And I have found out all. To me Are necessary: the passport for travel abroad, the visa, the ticket. The passport for travel abroad at me There is also he is valid. The visa costs 90 dollars. I shall make out The tourist visa. I think will be correct if you and I all over again Let's meet and then a bit later we shall get married. We should learn Each other. And the ticket. The employee of agency has told, that depending on Flight the ticket will cost 300-480 dollars. Now for me it is necessary from you The information. Your address, your phone is necessary for me. And still i want to know When you can help me to plan the life further.

Mine xxx, I now shall go home. At us now very much late and I shall go to go to bed. Before dream I shall think of you, and probably you will come to me in dream.

Good-bye my lovely !!!

Yours Nadezhda.
Hello my sweet honey xxx!!!
My honey xxx, recently I was unwell a little. At me the
temperature has suddenly risen. I today could not lift a head from a pillow at all in the morning. But I have accepted a medicine and have come to write to you the letter. I have very strongly become missed. When I laid in bed, I all time thought of you. I dreamed that you came and treated me. I think me will cure even your
voice. Because love this most effective and best medicine.
I yesterday have received money which you have sent. And I shall be very much It is glad if in the morning of me will wake your visit. But I shall
come to much faster To you. As to me have told in agency, it happen in 2-3 weeks.My lovely I called in embassy of your country in Moscow. And to me have
told That it is necessary for me at entry the country to have at itself on 30 pounds Sterlings, for one day stay. I plan to be at you 2-3 weeks.It means to me it is necessary to show 430 or 520 pounds sterling. That
to me To do?
Love mine xxx. All is interesting to me about you. I frequently ask myself. What you do now? How you watch TV? What you dream? What ideas visit your head? At me it is a lot of questions. And I understand what to answer them it is possible, only at a meeting.
It will be absolutely fast December, 9 at me Birthday! It already 30 birthday. If that is fairly I not so I love the birthdays. When I was small, I waited birthday with impatience. I waited for a miracle and a
holiday. And now I understand that I with each year become more senior. Both the holiday and a miracle are done not by the wizard, and I to itself. From it sadly and it is a pity the childhood a little. Mum and daddy recollected, what I was many years back, they
well remember my childhood. And I remember only the brightest events of my life. And now I some years in succession idle the birthday in loneliness. Augustine, I very strongly want to be with you. Because I
love you.
Today I am strongly tired, it probably that else I am sick. And probably after I shall write to you I shall go home I shall take part a bath and I shall sleep then. Augustine, I very much like to take a bath with fragrant salts. And you use such salts? Augustine, laying in a bath I shall close eyes and I shall dream of your touches, and your kisses. I know that your hands can take off weariness and stress.
In the street it is snowing. I hope that he will not thaw any more. Because autumn, grey weather has bothered. I am tired to be the strong woman. I shall be possible with you the weak small girl??
xxx, I love you. I know, that for me are not necessary jewelry Amulet . You, xxx, mine Amulet , and our feelings the most valuable thing. I know that while your heart my heart too knocks knocks. xxx while you are on light that is I.

I love you and the love mine helps me to live.
xxx, write to me. Your words are necessary for me as air.

Yours Nadezhda.

Hello my unique love xxx!!!
xxx Thank you for the letter. Lovely these days I think only of you and my ideas are occupied with ideas on you. Lovely mine Augustine, my love I frequently I wake up at night and I feel loneliness. I dream of that that once I also I shall feel beside your warm body. I shall kiss your shoulders and Your palms. I should thank you for all life that that you Have presented me delightful feeling of love. I am ready to look in yours Kind eyes long, long. This pleasure for me. Now I live only the future. I do not recollect the past, I only dream of connection of two in love hearts and two passionate ph. xxx I hope that you too test to me tender feelings. Because I trust you the most secret ideas and feelings. You you see the most remarkable person on this guilty ground. I miss you so much that my patience is on a limit! xxx, I'm dreaming of our meeting when sleep! Yesterday I had so wonderful dream as you and I walking at the field full of blossoming camomiles! We pick them together and made the great a bouquet of them The first our night will the most romantic night in my short life!!!
We'll walk and speak as much as we can. I'm sure our love will overcome all language barriers!!! We'll kiss as yongest lovers under the calm shining of Moon. The stars will shine only for us!!!! They will smile looking as two people can't find a word to describe such a great feeling arisen between us! Is it a love as great Shakespire describe?!!! I believe in this love and do you my love? I feel a little tired now but when I recall you I become strong and hard as steel. Do I make you the same? I shall love you, and always to write to you until we shall not meet you, I promise you it. You see if you love someone, you have sense in life. And this most important. I kiss you and I wait with impatience of your letter, yours ???????? which is
for me I live for you, I breathe for you, I love you
I give you many kisses for good day for you my xxx! I want to see your letter as soon as it is possible.
FOREVER loving YOU princess Nadezhda!

P.S.S.I send for you the information which you ask.
I send you the address of the western union. It is close to my work.
The address of point of Western union

Full name: Nadezhda Akieva.
91-14, Sovetskaya street,
city Yoshkar-Ola.
republic Mari-El.
Russia. 425000.


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