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Elena Vasil'eva
First name:

Elena Vasil'eva

Last name: Vasil'eva
Age: 27
Location details: Russia, Kirov region
Postal address: Street. Gagarin the house. 30 sq. 31, Yaransk
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I would like to report a scam!
I have acorrespondence with below mentioned women for about 4 weeks.Today I received a message in which she ask for money. Having been in Russia several times, I know that this is not common for Russian women. I send her last letter below.
Please remove her profile, so no other people will be victim to women with less good intentions.

Letter from Elena

Hello my dear xxx! How your affairs? I hope that at you all well! And at me not so. You know at me there is not a big problem. I probably cannot soon write to you. The matter is that my salary have detained and have told that can pay only in 3-4 weeks. Such frequently it
happens in Russia! I expected that will soon pay her to me. Well and as you know I have no domestic computer and my subscription in the Internet of cafe comes to an end. At me remained money only on two times to descend in the Internet of cafe. Maine it is necessary to fill up my account in the Internet of cafe in fast time differently I cannot write to you within 3-4 weeks. 1500 roubles are necessary for me that makes approximately 50 dollars. At me to you the small request. Whether you could help me with it? I heard that there is a company which does remittances worldwide. And if you have such opportunity that could not send you to me 50 dollars. As soon as I shall receive the salary I shall give you.It is a shame to me to ask certainly you the help. But I really want to continue our correspondence and to construct our attitudes. I sincerely hope that for your help. If I shall not pay the subscription that I can write to you only in 3-4 weeks. I shall understand if you cannot help me. I write to you it and I am afraid that you will understand not so me and I am afraid to lose you. But I do not need except for to ask anything your help with it.
Sincerely your Elena

Hello my dear xxx!
Many thanks for your understanding. I knew that you will understand me and hoped for you. You really very good person and me so it is a shame that it is necessary so to ask you the help. Simply I really do not have other choice. I did not want to lose you, I want to write to you letters more frequently. In Russia frequently such it happens that do not pay the salary in time on work. And I am glad that you understand
it and have agreed can to me. You know most quickly and reliably to send money through such company
as the Western union. I saw advertising on the TV and there was spoken that people can send money on big ???c?????? and that this company has the branches practically worldwide. You have such company? You can send me through this company. I need 1500 thousand roubles it about 50 dollars. If you send little bit more that I can make for you new photos and do to you telephone inquiry through a public telephone booth. And
we can speak by phone.To send you my information is required. Whether I do not remember allowed I I of her to you but just in case I allow to you again:
Full name: Elena Vasil'eva (or it is possible simply Vasileva)
The country: Russia
City: Yaransk, Kirov area.
Street. Gagarin the house. 30 sq. 31 - 612260
I shall wait for your letter. I hope for your help.
1000 kisses.
Sincerely yours Elena.


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