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Age: 27
Location details: Kazan, Russia
Postal address: Kazan, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:; tatyanarozhencova@yande


Photos used by different scammers, like
Elena Scherbakova, Anna Skornyakova,
Nataliya Sleptsova, Natalia Barmin, Anastasyia Vasileva, Nina Gayfullina, Galina, etc

Usual story :
This scammer is one of the worst one and very known on most of the scammer sites already :

She works under different names and from different places.
From the first letter it were the usual standard and non-personal letters attached with sexy pictures. The lady never answered questions I asked them. She never gave comments on what I wrote in my letters. After writing 2 or 3 silly letters, she already fall in love with me !
Some of her letters :

Van: "Tatyana" <><br />
Onderwerp: Re: ..
Datum: woensdag 26 april 2006 13:59

Hello… !!
How your mood? I am pleased, that you have written to me the letter,
and that you trust me …!! I am very pleased, that we can to contact you It is very pleasant to me. Do not ask me why I do not search for Russian the person. In me everyone was the person, I during
long time have supported communication with it, was in the good relation with it, but it has thrown me, probably it has found to itself other girl, I have noticed, that it began to smoke and drink
alcoholic drinks. I not by time do not drink and did not smoke, and I do not want, that it has made. I have no any harmful habits!!! And I also do not like, when my familiar get drunk it very urgently to me to
is not similar!!! I want to tell now a little about me directly. To me of 26 years I have been given birth on January, 28 1980, my attribute on the Zodiac - water leu, I Russian. My christianity of religion. I
very beautiful sociable girl, very cheerful and kind. I have not been married, I have no children, I want to leave in a marriage in the beautiful person, that my children were similar to my husband and also
beautiful as it. I have been given birth, the city of Novocheboksarsk, our city is very beautiful, I very much love it for this purpose. I very much love a season - summer when in streets especially
beautifully, in streets sing birds, the foliage on trees pleasantly sounds, lights of the sun all around, this very romantic season, whether lie …!!! Very much I want to inform about formation, I have finished university establishment in 2002 in which I poorly have not learned the English language as allows us with you now to communicate, the truth, I can admit many mistakes, but I think, that you will understand me and with these mistakes, …. I have
received a speciality of the lawyer. In our country it - very popular trade as I thought when I received formation. Now I work in cafe as in our country it is difficult to find work on that speciality which you
receive in a higher educational institution. Regretfully I have no any house of a computer, but it is good, that we in city have the Internet
- cafe in which I can contact you,…!!! I want it, you have written to me a little about you directly where you do live where have been given birth where formation where you now work from whom alive is
received, speak me about your hobby, I shall be very pleased to learn about you a little….!!! I shall be very pleased to receive from you the letter. I shall wait for it very urgently. I have placed a
photo in the letter, I hope, that I shall love you. I hope, that I very soon can see your message, you can place there a photo, it will be very pleasant for me for seeing, how you look. Good-bye!!!
Your new friend, Tatyana

Van: "Tatyana" <>>
Onderwerp: Hello<br />
Datum: zaterdag 29 april 2006 12:38

Hello my friend!
I am happy, on a gift is happy to receive from you the new letter. I
with interest learn about you the new information. In me such feeling has appeared, that it not the sunny day together with your letter looked in my heart a beam the sun. It is valid so. In some days from
the beginning of our correspondence have transferred everything, but in my soul the feeling of Trust began to wait new while it is inexplicable. It is pleasant, when you can trust the person. I very
much to trust, and I want it, other people trusted me. I hate a deceit, therefore I try to be about all sincere. Probably, it is not always good, but I research me as the person of honour, and it - is not necessary, will pretend, hiding lie. Therefore I want it between us there was a full trust. I want to receive from you more letters because I have need for dialogue with you. Unfortunately, I have no
any any anyone an opportunity to write to you many letters because I write to you through the Internet - cafe, but I shall try, that my letters were correct. The city in which I live, a little than, differs
from silent cities of Russia. Here there is not enough industry, but there are many green and silent streets. Recently the economy of Russia grows, and it advances beauty and cleanliness of streets. But the Russian person became established business and has been employed, and the family already in the majority of people is placed in the second plan. It concerning the enterprises and to me. But now I think first of all of creation strong attitudes of love, first of all I like. As I believe in existing love. Only the love is capable to destroy all bridges of distance, mistrust. Tell to me, you trust existing love between people? Here, In Russia, I tried to cost serious attitudes with young people, but in me it has transferred refusal. It is the most probable because men in Russia do not estimate, it has.
And I want to be valid second half of person. My mum sends attitudes
you as I and expected, she is pleased to my new acquaintance to you. To my mum of 48 years, in youth she was very beautiful woman, and traces of his beauty have not passed properly. I very much love my
mum, she the remarkable person. She has learned me to everything, and I am grateful to this for all. Probably, the love of mother is difficult to place words, you understand me. I want to know more about
you, to speak me about your dreams, about what, that you want the future. I want to have my partner of a life which will love me, and I shall care of it, that I could be convinced in mutual our feelings.
Tell to me, that you like from foodstuff. I, for example, love all which is tasty, and it is useful. The Russian kitchen is very rich, and I am confident to you, I was pleasant if sometime to be ready to
you existing the Russian pies. You love animals? I love cats, I research as the cleverest and devoted animals but while I have no any any anyone an opportunity to hold a cat in me directly in an apartment with one room. I want to write more and more ever to you, but it is probable, you are already tired to read my letter. Therefore I stop to write to you the letter, and I shall wait behind of the additional information concerning you. Sincerely yours!

Van: "Tatyana" <><br />
Onderwerp: Hello
Datum: donderdag 4 mei 2006 16:32

Hello my dear!
I am madly happy to receive from you last letter. I think, that the Internet - cafe will soon replace to me my house because after work I, to hasten not home, and there where I can enter contact in you. You it is probable - not with what impatience I start to check my box. I hope, that sometime and you will wait for my letter. Know, you see, which we have acquainted absolutely recently, and it seems, that in me the person, - is close to me, has appeared. It you. Simply you, it is far from me, but me, do not frighten distance. I believe, that if between us there will be an existing love, sincere, pure, based on understanding and trust, we shall not be afraid any barrier. Today I would like to tell to you about my work in cafe. In day I work within 10 hours, at this time on the average I have time, and so 26 days in
one month. I receive for this purpose, 10 percent from money of clients, rest enter into the state because the cafe declares. On the
average, my income does 100 $ in one month. On this money I should pay for an apartment, municipal accusations, and naturally have rest, I spend for my life. As a whole it satisfies on the most necessary. Tell to me please about the majority brave dream. I for example, would like, I shall study to jump off from a parachute, or?????? On mountains. In our area there are no high mountains, therefore it will
be difficult to execute my dream. However I would like to visit together with you on a desert island, to to which if not we with you have more than, anyone was not. It seems, that you very brave and clever person and can protect me in any situation. Tell to me please, that there should be a family. It seems, that in family there should be almost an equality, but all wife should feel, family of the owner - the husband. Still during long time the woman submits to the husband, it - the law of character. But if in family there will be a mutual respect, it will not be resolutely appreciable. Therefore again and again it seems, me, that the person and the woman should insert the basis of the future family - respect. Then, main - trust, love also understanding. And as a roof, top of strong family - feelings of the
responsibility the friend for the friend, for family. You agree with me? The answer to me a question please. How you think, whether we can create attitudes of love? Whether you to me can check up feelings, it
- whether is more than friendship? It is very important for me. I would like to stop today on these questions, please answer. I do not
want, that my hopes seem vain because my feelings to you become stronger than friendship. It seems, that I fall in love... I shall
wait for the letter on love...


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