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Last name: Bezruchko
Age: 27
Location details: Ukraine
Postal address: 54031Nikolaev,Kosmonavtov 142.158
Phone number: 00380-512-237777
E-mail address:;


I would like to report to them about a swindler I have found on New-Dating. Their Announcement:natali id: 30458
I send you Passport and three transfers of western union. The address of Nataly and phone number and mobile number.
Address Nataly: Nataly Bezruchko (27J).
Nikolaev---the Ukraine
email{enamel}: <>
Kosmonavtov 142.158
Phone: 512-237777 families
Mobile (mobile): 097-9545909
Greeting Wolfgang
I have got to know at an agency a woman with I since August a narrower one E-mail contact has had. Nataly lives in Nikolaev. She wanted to get to know me and I should visit them in Nikolaev. .I had informed her I have only again vacation in June. However, she wanted to see me rather and I sent her one invitation and money for visas and journey to Germany. She said that to me her visas has been rejected. I have transferred 200 euros to her for visas and journey to Germany.
My friends from the Ukraine and Russia have called up her and now them demanded what she wants to do because she had got no visas. She said that them marriage visas wants to do because it loves me and wants to be with me. I have sent her once more an invitation and all papers for the marriage visas and euros. She has written to me that are done all papers by a company for 175,- euros in Nikolaev. My friends have called up her 2 weeks later because they wanted to know as far them with the papers is. She said that the company in Nikolaev to them of the police it was closed because of white slave trade and all papers 50 women were confiscated by chance. The company in Nikolaev calls Milena Treid. My friends have also trusted her and me. Whether there has been the company, unfortunately, I could not ascertain. Has done my papers all once more and has sent her. She wanted to discontinue her work to finish everything faster. I have transferred her 400,- euros with it she had money to the life and for papers and journey. I and my friends have trusted her. I do not trust every woman, but she really did a serious impression. I do not know on account of everything is right. My friends{acquaintances} have found them in several agencies and have put to the proof them. They have sent several e-mails and she has answered. In 4 mails she has written to him he should send her fast an invitation and 350,-euros. She wanted fast to him and with him Christmas and New Year's Eves to celebrate. She has also sent him a copy of her passport. It is the same{identical} copy I has also agreed. However, she had said to us that was confiscated her identity card with all her papers by the police. If they can say to me what I can do against this woman undertake. I will retrieve my money probably no more, but, nevertheless, it must possibly his to these women the craft to lay with it they cannot cheat the men further. I hope that them can help me and waits for an answer of them.
With friendly greeting


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