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Last name: Leonthieva
Age: 27
Location details: Russia, Dzerhinskiy; Perm
Postal address: 10 street pushkina
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


"My name is ***, I live in France. Putting registered on the site meetic without named for 6 months while thinking of corresponding with girls of my nationality, I have received one day a Russian message from a girl named LUBOV KOROLEVA live in Dzerhinskiy, her address was given to me without problem at the end of 5 letters correspondences here: The Dzerzhinskiy city The street Pushkina, house 10 zip 140056 nadegda leontieva. After checking I haven't found in the list black her Thus the correspondence starts normally! She wrote almost the every day in French telling me that she was at the top of the middle class, she lives with her mother and she's a teacher, she teachs childrens from 6 to 10 years, that her mother have a high morality, she told me the story of the city, sent photographs, I could never to check her! . I fall under the charm! I send her my photographs, I told her that I am not rich and we hold a correspondence saying only if I did not never money did not haven't myself engraves. Two months later she offered to come to France! With a visa for 3 months duration but she neeede money for it: 130 euro the visa + 800 euros the ticket checks the sum after embassy and an it and travel agency corresponds! Entrusting I told her that I haven't all the sum to see her reaction I could have half, and she told that this is not enough and she will compleher visit, she come step has to reunir the sum. I offered her that it will be me who will give the sum and she asks me a transfer by Western Union but meanwhile I have a letter from supposedly her mother who wrote me that her daughter is at a hospital for an operation of appendicite and I have to make the transfer one the name of her uncle and the uncle will make the demarche for her visit during her hospitalization, which I refuse because the transfer I haven't already made on the name of Lubov. She knew as she one include/understand 1 to me week passes write me always while knowing she has a money (what me reconforte), m'annoce its exit of a hospital to make papers and since nothing. *** , France" .
now this name is natasha id(21867).stop this page please !!!


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