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Age: 25
Location details: Dnipropetrovsk/Kiev, Ukraine
Postal address: Dnipropetrovsk/Kiev, Ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address:;; Spark-Cl


Hello my dear,
Thank you for your great letter.Dear,now i have a great problem. I can't afford myself to pay the services of the interpriting firm anymore.Dear,i'm not used to ask for money but it seems to me that at last i've found you, my second part and i don't want to loose you at once.So it's my last letter.I won't be able to write you anymore.If you really want to continue our correspondence and discuss our meeting, maybe you'll have an opportunity to help me?I see that it's very
impadently,and you may think that the only i want from you is money.But it's not so.I want you
to understand that this situation appeared so nexpectedly,otherwise i wouldn't ask you to help me.But now i'm in difficult financial situation,
except paying the interpreting firm,i have to pay for my flat which i rent and to feed myself.If you really want to help me,you can reach the translating firm directly at and ask them any questions you like.I hope you understand my situation...
I'm in despair. I will understand and respect any your decision. It's so, hard for me to ask for help but I don't wanna lose you for all my heart. I've just found you...
Your Marina


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