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Age: 23
Location details: Alchevsk (Lugansk); Ukraine
Postal address: Alchevsk (Lugansk); Ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


Hello my sweetheart.
Thank you for your photos,I like them very much!
I miss you so much!How are you,my darling?
I hope you are fine.As for me everything is not so good.I feel frustrated. I've been waiting for you for many years,I've been waiting for you all my life and when I found you everything has happened as usual.It threatens me.You are my sun,you means much in my life,but..... My dear I have financial problems and I can not pay for the translating services anymore. Plese forgive me. I would be very happy if you would help me. All information you can get at the translation firm "Galaxy-Plus", email: I'm sorry that I ask you about it,but I don't know what to do.I like you very much and I'm afraid I can loose you. I feel you are very close to me and we can build really strong relationships. I hope you feel the same and will be waiting for your answer.
Love always,


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