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Age: 25
Location details: Cishinau, Moldova
Postal address: Chisinau, Moldova
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i will inform you over a person what i hope you put out your list is over ludmilla with no39649.
she is not onnest she write is not merried no chlderen nevver merried i send here money to come to amsterdsam and show monney i order a hotel she will come today and yesterday late i get a mail that she is merried have a daughter but live not more with hr husband.
he is comming yesterday and take daughter and passport i no believe this and she cost me more than 1000 euro i cannot cancel the hotel. i hope you take here out by you she is still in yourgalery. hope you take action your cincerly cees van oosterom holland she comes out chisinau look to here profil you can reed nevermerried no childeren


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