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Last name: Aklanova
Age: 27
Location details: Russia, Samara, Perm
Postal address: Konnaya street 16-5
Phone number:
E-mail address:


She is most likely a Scammer. We have been in contact only since Aug **/2004 and in the last two letters she is asking me for money to visit me. In all 5 letters she has yet to mention my name.

Her letters:

> Hi!!!
>I would be glad to visit you. I spoke you in this letter concerning that that I to think of meeting and I think that it could to give us an every prospect for development of our relations. But I think that in such case we should to plan it already now, as it requires preparation. We should discuss dates and I should find out all. If you also would be glad to see me, we could begin to plan it, as I to not want that then there were any misunderstanding. I the man of action and I also man who to concern to all I am serious also to not want that something went not so during our meeting. You to understand. Dear I still to want to speak you something, as I to not have money, I can not arrive to you, if not I shall have of your help. It is unpleasant for speaking, but it is the truth and I to speak the truth always, so if you can not help me, in such case I can not arrive in you. So you should think still well all and then to speak me. And if you agree, tell me date and I shall find out all. Well? I really hope that I can soon visit you, as I will think that it is a huge step in our relations.
>Dear I think that it will be better for us and for our attitudes.
>Yours Lena

>Dear I am glad to see your letter and I inform you concerning a meeting.
>Dear I can arrive to you to September, but for this purpose I need to think now already of that how to make all documents, I need to do the passport, the visa that would start up me to you in the country, and it is necessary to do medicine a card, and still some documents. I know that I can do it, I can receive the tourist the visa to, it is very convenient, I shall arrive to you for 2 weeks if it is possible for me. Dear as *** far from Russia, also the ticket road. I think that is necessary for me approximately 500 $ on all documents which I think to me necessary to do now, that they would be available by then when I should arrive to you, and I yet have not learned concerning tickets up to ***, and I do not know how many it will cost. But dear I think that of tickets still early to think and now most important it to make for me all documents and then I will need buy only the ticket that I could to arrive to you and we would have a meeting with you dear. You know that this meeting will give us much. And I hope that I shall have time to make all documents up to the end September, but for this purpose it is necessary to do them already now, I think you understand all importance to do all documents now. Dear I would want that you could make for me translation through the Western union and as soon as you will make it I I would shall go in Moscow what to give to do all documents. Whether dear I do not know you can make it today or tomorrow, but I think you should do it as soon as possible, for that that I would have time to do all documents. Dear I think that while will do my documents we we learn each other even better and it we shall prepare ours a meeting. Dear I want to ask still you, whether I can live at you during my arrival?
>Dear I shall wait for your answer and if you can I I would shall give you all data for that that you if can have made translation for me, and for me are necessary as your data. Dear I want once again excuse me for that that I ask you money to the arrival to you, is simple at me there is no what other way to arrive to you, but I think that this meeting will give us much much, and we shall decide for ourselves that is necessary for us.
>Russia, Samara, Perm Konnaya street 16-5, Lena Aklanova

>Yours Lena


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