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Age: 27
Location details: Yoshkar Ola
Postal address:
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ID 42393

Asked me for money for the visa.
The second: also for travel expenses.
Don`t answer your questions.
You can`t reach her by telephone.

Hello my dear dear .

It so is wonderful, that you want to see also me, I thought today all
the day of you, my dear, I thought of that as it will be. I very
strongly want to you. It will be so perfectly to meet you. I can take holiday during any time convenient for me as I for a long time did not take already holiday. Know I think, that it will be superfluous expenditure of money and time if you arrive to Moscow, and then we shall depart to you. How you think?
I think, that it is the best way to arrive to me to you. I think, that it will be convenient. But understand at me there is no visa, and
without it I will be not not passed anywhere. I for a long time would get the visa, but understand, I do not have such money. I shall dare to ask you, whether you could help me? I understand, that it sounds
very much not beautifully, but I do not know, where to me to take such money. Help to me and we shall meet very soon.


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