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Age: 31
Location details: KAZAN, Russia
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ID 43151 - see mail under picture 1
Want money for visa ...

Hello my XXX!!! I today went to Internet - cafe and to receive from you the letter!!! You spoke that I correspond with many men, it not so I correspond only with you. I want to tell to you that I want to have
children, but only from the favourite person and this person you are.. You want to meet me? About ' I am happy!!! I want to meet you and to see our future. How - you, think, we can meet you in March? I shall be
happy to see your country and to meet you in your country. I did not travel to other countries before, and I have no passport and visa. I have learned today, that I should travel to Embassy of the Moscow city
to receive the visa and the passport. In my city there are no transport agencies. I think during this time which we can meet with you and see our future. You, agree with me? I have small earnings of 95 dollars in a month. You can divide some accusations for my papers.
I need in 450-500 dollars for my visa, the passport, trip to Moscow and to live there. I can receive my papers within 7-10 days. I ready to start{begin} my trip to Moscow if you could help me? I understand,
that our meeting it - the big step!!! It is impossible to study each other through letters which are necessary for meeting. I have feeling of love to you, and I want to divide my feelings with you, our meeting
in your hands! I love you, and I cannot live without you! You my love! I shall wait your letter!!!



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