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Irina Vidyakina
First name:

Irina Vidyakina

Last name: Vidyakina
Age: 28
Location details: Kazan, Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


ID 43293
Want money for the trip.
Didn`t answer my questions in a few mails.

See her last mail (download under picture 1)


How are you my loved!!!I too want to speak and hear with you your fine voice! But unfortunately I do not have phone, but I shall try to find it what to call you! I too hope that we with you shall be the
happiest people on the ground and all with you will envy us! How are you doing, I hope that at you all well. I am very glad to receive from you the letter, you the unique person which makes my life more
brightly. My honey, today in the morning I have decided to contact embassy and to find out that to me it is required to visit your country and how many all this costs. Loved I when I have found out
all that is required to me I has thought that all this probably rather simply and I very much was delighted to this, for preparation of all necessary documents it is required to me not less than three
weeks of time, not so it and is a lot of. But I have also bad news. My lovely when I have found out how many all this there is I could not hide some tears on my eyes, I for a long time cried before I have
come to Internet - cafe and have written to you the letter. My love, I knew that the prices for travel now expensive, but did not think that on so much. I have found out that the guest visa which will be necessary for me is given out for 90 days from the date of issue of visa, her cost of 390 dollars but when I have found out the prices for the ticket I has simply lost gift of speech, the ticket costs approximately 1200 dollars. It turns out that 1600 dollars are
necessary for me that I could be near to you. There can be for whom that these are small money and they presume travel, but for me it is simple not real money and I am afraid that I was not capable to pay
road, and in fact still it is necessary for me to reach to Moscow and to pay for hotel, probably I be able to pay it. My love, as though I would not like it to make but other exit at me is not present also I
is compelled to ask you, whether you can the help to me with money for my road? I understand that for you it too the big sum of money, but it is that price which pr events us to be together. I think that
we should meet to find out each other better.Lovely mine, I also have learned as you can send me of money. I went to bank which is not far from my house and to me there have told that there is such system of
remittances as Western Union. To me the manager of bank has told that it is the most reliable system of remittances all over the world, and possible to send money from any country in any other country. I hope
that you want that I have arrived to you and agree to help me, therefore I shall write to you as you can send money. You should send money for my full name Vidyakina Irina. To me have told that at a remittance who sends that of money in bank inform a code of a remittance, this code will consist of ten figures, you when will send to me of money should write to me these ten figures that I could receive money. Also you should inform me your full name and your full address, it also is necessary at reception of money by me. I shall write to you the address of bank in which you can send me of money
and in which I also can receive your money as this bank is closely to my house. The address of bank: Russia, the city of Kazan, street Korolenko 58A, AK BARS BANK.? I hope that you against will not help
me and can send me 1600 dollars as I very much want to arrive to you
and to be with you. My love, please write to me more likely. My hot


Please watch your scammers !!! If you go under SEARCH in your front side most of the scammers
are present!!! How can it be ?


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