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Marina Malseva
First name:

Marina Malseva

Last name: Malseva or Mal'tseva
Age: 27
Location details: Kazan, Che
Postal address: addresses that did not exist in Kazan
Phone number: could not afford a phone
E-mail address: ; marina.malseva@gma
ICQ: Marina_malseva2005@y


She is very good and patient, purse got stolen and needs money for internet cafe, then needs money for passport/visa as have never left Kazan before, then needs money for airline tickets and finally, staying at hotel in Moscow and must show 3500 US dollars to clear customs. When told I did not have the money, the next day her mother was in the hospital undergoing a heart operation!
I have communicated with her for 8 months, so she is willing to hang on for as much time as needed to get a cash payout! for me, one lie led to another lie and eventually she became careless as she was sending me letters intended for someone else! Google, Marina Malseva, Marina Maltseva, Marinohka,solnychko and Marina10, all will be answered. She is also listed on many Russian sites but my lack of russian stopped me!


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