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Last name: Never told me her surname
Age: 33
Location details: Kirov, Russia
Postal address: KOMSOMOLSKAYA address, 12A City: KIROV, zip code: 610001
Phone number:
E-mail address:,


Iv'e got severals love letter from this woman. Always talking about love and merrages.Then thay start to com the letters asking for money. here is an example!!
xxx, I am happy because you can trust me and we can meet with you on 8 of March!!! I shall be happy to meet with you and see your country! We can meet and see our future! How long time you want to see me in your country? I love you and I hope for our destiny! I hope you can help me with my charges for the visa, passport and other charges.I learned today that I need 150 $ for visa, 100 $ for the passport, 150$ for my trip in Embassy of Moscow and 200 $ to live in Moscow some time, totally I need 600$. Also in Moscow there are a lot of travel agency,I can receive visa for 5-6 days, it is not problem here, I have one problem
here with finance. We have a little time untill 8 of March and I should start my trip in Moscow in this week as soon as possible... I do not know how you can send finance here but I shall go in bank today to learn and
in my next letter I shall speak to you about it.... Please write me as soon as possible, I worry because we have a little time... I kiss you! Your Eva.

then some time she wrote to me caling me Erich but my name is xxx always with the same love thing. In here latest letter she said if you not can help me we never can meet!!

xxx, I am honest with you and I really want to meet with you to see our future, I shall not let you down and if you could not help me we cannot meet with you never! I am not scamm and I do not want to broken
your heart, our meeting in your hands! Please write me, I kiss
Your Eva.


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